CHRISTMAS IS MEANT to be a time of joy and goodwill to all people, a time to pause and reflect upon the birth of Christ, God’s gift of love to His world.

However, for many people Christmas is one of the saddest times of the year, for a variety of reasons. The estrangement from children, death of a loved one, Sad ladydivorce, family issues, significant health concerns and a host of personal challenges seem to make a mockery of what should be a happy occasion.

Somehow the joyfulness of the Christmas Season, the cheerful carols, happy shoppers and plans for another memorable day, intensifies the pain that many people are struggling with, much of which is often hidden behind a mask of bravery, cheerfulness, kindness and concern for others.

Snoop Christmas hugWhether we acknowledge the reality of God or not, we can all share something of His love, joy and peace with those around us. A simple smile, perhaps a hug, words of kindness and concern, may be all that is needed to brighten a person’s day and make their Christmas a little more bearable.

Whatever your circumstances this year, I pray that you will know God’s special touch upon you and your family at Christmas and throughout the coming year.Christmas

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