PEACE AND FREEDOM ARE MY NAMES is one woman’s story of incredible perseverance through a lifetime of abuse that began as an unwanted child, and led to a descent into madness from which it seemed she would never return. A key to her eventual healing was recovering from complex post traumatic stress disorder – multiple personality disorder. Through it all she clung to an unrelenting belief that God’s hand was upon her, and that somehow He would bring her through.

‘Once again it was as though an H-bomb had blasted me apart, smashing to pieces the wall I had so carefully built around me. In one frightening moment I was again left exposed and vulnerable, acutely aware that I could no longer pretend to be the person I thought I should be. I had to learn, once and for all to become the person I was meant to be, the person God had always intended me to be.’

‘RIVETING READING. Peace and Freedom are My Names alerts people to the profound effect of interventions which society approves of for those grappling with major emotional difficulties. I hope that psychiatric training institutions will take the book’s positive and negative messages on board.’
Anne Atkinson, Social Worker

‘I LIKED THE book very much. It is well written, never flags, never lectures us, never bores us. The lessons are powerful and insightful, but you want people to read it because it’s a good book. It is a good book. Congratulations.’
Robert Bland, Chair of Mental Health, University of Queensland.

AS A COUNSELLOR and through my work in radio I have listened to the stories of hundreds of people. Irene’s story encourages and reminds me that with appropriate support and care, combined with God’s love and grace, we can reach our potential and live life to the full.
Peter Janetzki, Counsellor/Educator; Host of Talking Life on Brisbane’s 96five (Family Radio), and Choices TV

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