I WAS IN Bunnings Warehouse with my Father-in-law shopping for bits and pieces, assisting him with some home maintenance during my Christmas holidays, when my mobile phone rang. Looking onto the display, I saw it was Irene. Knowing the importance of taking her call I excused myself and found an out of the way spot where I could talk. ‘Peter, I’m crap!’ Irene’s tone echoed despair, hopelessness and frustration. ‘I’m crap! So why shouldn’t I be flushed down the toilet? A useless, worthless piece of crap! I should just end it and get rid of myself!’

For thirty minutes I listened to the desperate cry of a wounded soul. A soul that was often misunderstood. A soul that was often manipulated exploited and abused, a soul that was labelled crazy or demonized. A soul that persistently sought healing!

Many years have passed since that phone call in Bunnings and it has been my joy and delight to witness Irene’s journey into peace and freedom. Irene’s journey starts as a young child in an unloving, dysfunctional and abusive family in Darwin; a family that inflicted numerous wounds resulting in what is commonly known as multiple personality disorder and clinically as dissociative identity disorder. It finishes with her reclaiming her life and living in fullness. In the chapters in between you will discover that Irene is a woman of courage, resilience, endurance and most of all a woman of faith and hope.

I join with Irene in constantly being amazed at what God has done in her life. The healing that she has sought and experienced is a testimony to God’s love, mercy and grace.

As a counsellor and through my work in radio I have listened to the stories of hundreds of people.  Irene’s story encourages and reminds me that with appropriate support and care, combined with God’s love and grace, we can reach our potential and live life to the full.

Peter Janetzki, Counsellor/Educator,

Host of Talking Life on Brisbane’s 96five (Family Radio), and Choices TV

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