HOPE, HEALING AND WHOLENESS are significant themes that have dominated my journey thus far, all merging into a characteristic I have striven for over the years – integrity, the ‘state of being whole’.  For me, that state of being whole embraces my entire being – body, soul and spirit.  It also incorporates the expression of my Christian faith into all parts of life, to the best of my ability. 

For me to be writing my story for my blog is an amazing accomplishment.  It comes at the end of a traumatic journey through the mire of intense psychotherapy with many lengthy admissions to a psychiatric hospital, dealing with a major mental health disorder.  That journey culminated in my returning to work as a social worker, then – on my recent retirement – returning to my love of writing.  It is told in my autobiography – Peace and Freedom Are My Names.

I am interested in writing articles for Christian magazines, primarily to stir people up in their faith in God, and to encourage all to be Christ in the community – among the poor, the homeless, those with mental illness, the broken hearted and those who live with the consequences of child abuse.  

I am also keen to help others write their stories, particularly those who have a lived-experience of triumph over extreme difficulties.

It was through my writing that I became a social worker.  My social work career is now having an impact upon what I write.  Encompassing all that I do is my heart’s desire to communicate the love of God to those with whom I come in contact, and through my writing.


Name:          Irene Frances – formerly Irene Frances Oliver

Age:               Recently re-retired

Children:   Debi, Tania & Darren


Daniel, Nathan, Matthew; Alexandra Kate (With Jesus), Monique & Sabrina;  Imogen &  Bethany.

Faith:     Committed Christian

Most Important: Vibrant faith in God my Heavenly Father, His Son – the Lord Jesus Christ – and the empowering ongoing presence of the Holy Spirit.

Interests:   Writing, reading, cryptic crosswords, coffee and good conversation with friends.